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Prison officers: International perspectives on prison work

Arnold, Helen; Ricciardelli, Rosemary; Maycock, Matthew; Liebling, Alison; Symkovych, Anton; Herzog-Evans, Martine; Thomas, Jérôme; Max Martin, Tomas; Jefferson, Andrew M.; Bennett, Jamie; Garrihy, Joe; Morrison, Katrina; Pallot, Judith; Akoensi, Thomas; Mellingsæter Sørensen, Knut; Bruhn, Anders; Ake Nylander, Per; Raghavan, Vijay; Nascimento, Francisco Elionardo de Melo

  • Funcionarios públicos
  • Prisioneros políticos
  • Trabajo forzado
  • Sindicatos
  • Política exterior
  • Justicia penal
  • Derechos de los prisioneros

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This edited collection brings together academics, lawyers, civil servants, and researchers working in the human rights NGO sector, to explore the work and role of prison officers around the world. Each chapter offers a distinctive perspective on the work of prison officers within localised socio-economic and criminal justice contexts, to provide a unique overview and insight into the realities and complexities of the role through accessible scholarly interpretations of their work. The aim of the book is to advance knowledge and understanding of the crucial role that prison officers occupy within carceral systems. The collection has widespread applicability with relevance beyond academia into criminal justice practice and policy internationally.

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