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Routledge international handbook of restorative justicec

Gavrielides, Theo. ; Boyes Watson, Carolyn. ; Maglione, Giuseppe. ; Skelton, Ann; Gohar, Ali. ; Mackay, Robert E. ; Hartmann, Arthur. ; Terry, Karen J. ; Clamp, Kerry. ; Doak, Jonathan. ; Liebmann, Marian.

  • Justicia restaurativa
  • Justicia social
  • Víctimas
  • Abuso de los niños y de las niñas
  • Personas con discapacidad

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This up-to-date resource on restorative justice theory and practice is the literature's most comprehensive and authoritative review of original research in new and contested areas. Bringing together contributors from across a range of jurisdictions, disciplines and legal traditions, this edited collection provides a concise, but critical review of existing theory and practice in restorative justice. Authors identify key developments, theoretical arguments and new empirical evidence, evaluating their merits and demerits, before turning the reader's attention to further concerns informing and improving the future of restorative justice. Divided into four parts, the Handbook includes papers written by leading scholars on new theory, empirical evidence of implementation, critiques and the future of restorative justice.

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